• Nicole Rodrigues

The rest of the #doubleplayseries characters have been revealed!

So I have OFFICIALLY announced the rest of the Double Play series books!!! Book 3 will follow Bella Gavinwood and Damon Johnson (who you briefly meet in book 2). This book Ballers with Benefits will hopefully be released in March of 2019!

Book 4 will follow Devin Gavinwood and Normani Jensen, a new employee at Double Play sports. You meet Normani in book 3 and the chemistry between her and Devin is OFF THE CHARTS! This story has been super hard for me to write because Normani has had a veryyyyy hard life, but like all my heroine’s she is a badass bitch and gets through it!

Book 5 will follow Lacey Turner (Jackson’s daughter) and Nicholas “Nico” Johnson, yes Damon’s brother! This has been super fun to write because we see Lacey and Nico’s relationship start in book 3 and progress in book 4 before we get the whole story in book 5!!

I am going to update my website as much as I can BUT the real gem is going to be my newsletter! I will send one out the 1st of every month with new info and updates on all my current WIP, cover reveal dates, blurb releases, secret never before read scenes from my current WIP and so much more! Make sure you click the link on the image to sign up, you DO NOT want to miss this!

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